Designing innovative solutions to keep moms happy and healthy as they transition into motherhood.
What we do?
MOTHERHOOD.DESIGN is a nonprofit organization that co-designs with a community of designers, moms and maternal advocates innovative solutions for new moms and the ecosystems that surround them as they transition into the journey of motherhood.
When mothers are happy and healthy, babies are too. By putting moms first, we help ensure that the next generation enters the world cared for by a mother with access to the support that she needs.
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Core Team
Moms and designers.
This is just a few out of many who co-create with us better postpartum experience for new moms.
Natalie Mandriko
Co-Founder, Product manager
Designing valuable experiences, managing design and development of digital solutions.
I am a mother of two girls and I know – motherhood is hard.

Now, I want to know:
  • Why postpartum depressions is the most common complication?
  • What can we do to reduce the risk of it?
  • How can digital solution help to keep moms mentally healthy?

Elisa Chen
Co-Founder, Design Strategist
I work in the nexus of merging quantitative analysis and creative confidence and actively help facilitate the HCD process from Discover> Define> Develop> Deliver.

I am an expectant mother who is merging my professional and personal passion to help identify – "how we might proactively provide first-time moms with real-time, easy access to needed support before and after childbirth so they can better transition into motherhood and care for their child?"
Sofya Savkina
UX Designer
UX researcher and designer, with Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and Communications

I am very excited to be a part of Natalie's product design initiative that aims to provide support for moms during a postpartum period.
I actively participate in user research and interviews, synthesis of the collected data, persona shaping and "how might we.." statement crafting.
Olay Tugba Deniz
Design Thinking Coach
Design Thinking Coach, Founder of Artdesigndream design agency, Part-time teacher on mindfulness, positive psychology and creativity. Yoga lover and good wisher.

Mommy of two cute witches.
I had postpartum depression after both of my kids. I know how it feels like, and I am eager to help other moms to enjoy their first-time motherhood journey.
Thanks, Natalie, for bringing up her dream to life and included me in the design process.
Kisha Semenuk
Community Engagement Specialist
Dedicated Nurse Professional and Nurse Advocate for Maternal Health. Founder of the DC-MD-VA (DMV) PMH Resource Guide. Mom.
My frontline RN experience in Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Care has equipped me to influence systems level change in healthcare and facilitate meaningful connections between healthcare providers and community-based stakeholders.
I enjoy utilizing my strengths in team-building, operations, strategic planning, and rapid cycle quality improvement to discover, facilitate, and develop innovative, practical, and actionable solutions to pressing and emerging issues in maternal health and maternal mental health.
Maryna Sobchynska
UX Researcher
UX Researcher with a diverse background skill set, including UI/UX design, analytics, accessibility, and digital engagement. Mommy of two boys.

I was thrilled to be a part of such a great initiative. Being a mom is a hard job, being a first-time mom can be scary and overwhelming. I remember my biggest challenge was lack of support. I am happy that today we can help other moms, by bringing a solution that will serve their needs, make them better prepared during a postpartum period.
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